• Intelligent Road

    For Urban Road & Suburban Road

  • Intelligent Road

    For Urban Road & Suburban Road

The Knowledge Based company started its activities since 1389 in the field of advanced electronics-communications has begun.
The company’s engineers have been trying to have the best quality products and services.
Using platforms such as mobile networks (GSM / GPRS), short messaging services (SMS), satellite communication systems, GNSS, the rapid development of online tools and strategies and regulatory control in this area is provided.
geared to achieving these goals in the near future.
Online traffic counter systems, camera systems and road data collection systems measure the average speed of the car, online car navigation systems, license plate recognition systems (ANPR) are examples of intelligent transportation systems that make the most of this their tools. Yrvd company is proud to be one of the companies operating in this field, as the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, a step towards the development and application of new technologies in these systems is removed.


Smart road

A good strategy for urban roads and suburban roads

” one of the new technologies in recent decades has become widely used in transportation, intelligent transportation systems (iTS) that significant changes to improve performance, efficiency, productivity and safety of transport have followed. in Iran in recent decades, the application of intelligent systems in urban transport and urban development have had a significant, but despite all the efforts made in previous years, to reach the desired position there are many. ”


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  • Provide advice and smart solutions

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Our Team

Mr. Ali Sharifi

Mr. Ali Sharifi

ITS & Regulatory

- Write a bachelor’s degree and 11 years experience in the following areas
▪ Introduction of a number of fixed and mobile traffic
▪ Realization of weighing moving, WIM
▪ Project management of security-surveillance, network cameras and CCTV and wireless image transfer
▪ Manage projects and fiber optic network

Mr. Davood Daeinejad

Mr. Davood Daeinejad


- Has a master’s degree and 10 years experience in the following areas
▪ Design and development of embedded systems, Embedded Systems
▪ Solid-state design and manufacture of analog and digital electronic systems
▪ Design and construction of data acquisition systems
▪ Design and construction of data transmission systems monitoring and control
▪ Design and construction of advanced robotic systems
▪ Design and fabrication of advanced industrial
▪ Project management and engineering teams design and build