About Us

The Knowledge Based company started its activities since 1389 in the field of advanced electronics-communications has begun.
The company’s engineers have been trying to have the best quality products and services.
Using platforms such as mobile networks (GSM / GPRS), short messaging services (SMS), satellite communication systems, GNSS, the rapid development of online tools and strategies and regulatory control in this area is provided.
geared to achieving these goals in the near future.
Online traffic counter systems, camera systems and road data collection systems measure the average speed of the car, online car navigation systems, license plate recognition systems (ANPR) are examples of intelligent transportation systems that make the most of this their tools. Yrvd company is proud to be one of the companies operating in this field, as the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, a step towards the development and application of new technologies in these systems is removed.

The company’s business fields favorite

▪ intelligent transportation systems (ITS).
▪ localization and tracking system Vehicle moment (AVL)
▪ road vehicle counter system based on magnetic loop
▪ motor vehicle camera-based counter system
▪ measurement systems and calculate the average speed of the vehicle (travel time)
▪ license plate recognition systems (ANPR)
▪ intelligent systems based on RFID technology
▪ weighing systems in motion (WIM)
▪ 24-hour services intelligent transportation systems
▪ data acquisition systems (DAQ)
▪ Wireless Monitoring System data (Telemetry)
▪ Wireless Control System (Remote Control)
▪ industrial and semi-industrial automation devices (Industrial Automation)
▪ video surveillance and security systems
▪ Internet of Things (IoTT)

Examples of activities

▪ implementation and support projects online traffic vehicle number (Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, organization and transport toll road)
▪ Design and construction fleet management (Fleet Management Systems)
▪ Design and fabrication of industrial Ryzalvr FM / AM digital (R / D Converter)
▪ Design and fabrication of industrial synchromesh-to-digital (S2D Converter)
▪ design and manufacture of advanced vehicle alarm system, with the ability to control the vehicle via SMS or live tracking via web
▪ Design and construction of revolving door control system, with the ability to control and reporting through GSM network
▪ Design and implementation of intelligent town, parking vehicle sales martyr era (license plate reader system and traffic control)